Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grape Grazing Feb in Melbourne

Hi there,

This week has been so hot I was sending mind messages to mum to leave the aircon on when she goes out but it doesn't seem to have worked.

The last weekend it was 38 degrees centigrade both days & on the Saturday mummy went off early to something called grape grazing festival which I wasn't invited to - so it can't have been that good. It was soooo hot thanks goodness mummy filled up our wading pool before she left - so while mama was away we were able to play, drink, splash & rest in the water, then run on through our doggy door into the house to 'shake-off'. Mummy was so pleased with the 'tracks' we made in the back room when she return that she screamed with delight & satisfied with my work I then took a nap.
See Ya Soon Belly-Buttons ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

More on Billy-Bob by popular demand

Billy-Bob is a multi-talented pooche with many faces - here are some of them -

He may not look so perfect on the outside - but he's a special boy completely devoted to us - you know those rag dog cats - well BB is like a rag doll dog !!!

Here's Bilby recovering from surgery & being comforted by Kuki

It's a case of beauty & the beast & for sure I'm the beauty!

Bella - the beautiful one !!!

The rest of the siblings

Hello again - about time I introduced the rest of 'my' gang.

So after me there came Kuki (Kuki-ma, Kuki-yama)- a little whippet girl about 2 years old who was so scared when she arrived - she had been one of 20 whippets of an old breeder who passed away. She'd had it pretty rough in the kennel and had never lived inside - Can you imagine!!
I quickly showed her the ropes & she is now the master at finding the snuggliest most comfortable, warm place to curl up.

Then came Billy-Bob (Silly Billy, Bilby) whos about five. He'd been at the pound for too long & his time was almost up (ugh I don't even wanna know what happens then !!!) coz people coudn't see past his ugly face & didn't want to pay for the surgery that was needed to fix his knee.
A friend of mummy's who worked there rang to see if we couldn't squeeze him into the household as he really isn't that big & wouldn't be a bother. Mum's a bit of a push-over really !!

Finally there's the big guy Reuben (ReuBear, Reubs) & I mean really big. Like his head is as big as me !!! I weigh about 3.5 kg's & he weighs 55kg - whata big heffa !!

We moved to our own house & had a much bigger garden so when another doggy rescue group told mum how hard it was to rehome big older dogs & perhaps now with more space she might be able to foster some occasionally till they go to their forever homes. Mum thought that sounded good and that's how the 5 year old Reubs came to live with us. At first I was a bit in awe of how big he is but I soon figured out that he's no problem - a bit of a softy really. And I'm so clever I've figured out how to get him to do what I want. So if I decide that something out in the garden or over the fence needs a 'speaking-to' I do a little bark & then Reub's is right there to back me up & really gives them a talking to. Ain't no-body gonna mess with me now !!!

Anyhoo talk to you later - woof woof !!!


Saturday, February 3, 2007

This is Chloe

Though I pretty much run things here, I do have to share my place with four other fur friends.

When I got here 5 years ago, there was a cat called Chloe already n residence. She's really old, like ancient I think in the "two-leggers" years she's like 13 or something.
Chloe is ok - but I keep her on her toes by running after her every now & then. She pretty much keeps to herself these days & spends most of her time sleeping in her own room - can you believe that - she has her own room AND there's this gate thing that stops me from getting in & munching on the tasty treats she leaves in her litter box - that's not litter to me - it's a treat box !! But mum doesn't share my taste & thinks it's yuk !!!
Gotta go I hear possums outside now so time to go sort them out !!

My first post

Well hello there aren't I just the cutest little princess you've ever seen?
My mum thinks so & boy do I have her wrapped around my little paw when I put on my best 'cute as a button' face. I guess that's why one of my nick names is "Bella Buttons" !