Saturday, February 3, 2007

My first post

Well hello there aren't I just the cutest little princess you've ever seen?
My mum thinks so & boy do I have her wrapped around my little paw when I put on my best 'cute as a button' face. I guess that's why one of my nick names is "Bella Buttons" !


Boo said...

hi bella,

you are indeed a cute little princess. since i'm the casanova in doggie world... *ahem* will you be my girlfriend... like my 4th girlfriend coz i already have 3!

oops! i hope my other girlfriends better don't find out about this!

btw, welcome to dogs with blogs!

wet wet licks


PiratesGrrl said...

Welcome to Dogs with Blogs! We're new too. You're a VERY cute Princess, I think Tucker has a crush.

Bella said...

Hi Boo - thanks for your comment & lovely to meet the cassanova of the dog world. I think we can be friends but being such a princess as I am I couldn't possily consider '4th' place !
With Valentines coming up though I think I could squeeze you in as one of my Valentines !
Sniffs & scratches

Bella said...

Hello to "Five Happy Hounds" & The Brat Pack" We are a pack of four happy dogs & a chilled out puddy-tat.
look forward to reading all about your adventures on dogs with blogs too