Saturday, February 10, 2007

The rest of the siblings

Hello again - about time I introduced the rest of 'my' gang.

So after me there came Kuki (Kuki-ma, Kuki-yama)- a little whippet girl about 2 years old who was so scared when she arrived - she had been one of 20 whippets of an old breeder who passed away. She'd had it pretty rough in the kennel and had never lived inside - Can you imagine!!
I quickly showed her the ropes & she is now the master at finding the snuggliest most comfortable, warm place to curl up.

Then came Billy-Bob (Silly Billy, Bilby) whos about five. He'd been at the pound for too long & his time was almost up (ugh I don't even wanna know what happens then !!!) coz people coudn't see past his ugly face & didn't want to pay for the surgery that was needed to fix his knee.
A friend of mummy's who worked there rang to see if we couldn't squeeze him into the household as he really isn't that big & wouldn't be a bother. Mum's a bit of a push-over really !!

Finally there's the big guy Reuben (ReuBear, Reubs) & I mean really big. Like his head is as big as me !!! I weigh about 3.5 kg's & he weighs 55kg - whata big heffa !!

We moved to our own house & had a much bigger garden so when another doggy rescue group told mum how hard it was to rehome big older dogs & perhaps now with more space she might be able to foster some occasionally till they go to their forever homes. Mum thought that sounded good and that's how the 5 year old Reubs came to live with us. At first I was a bit in awe of how big he is but I soon figured out that he's no problem - a bit of a softy really. And I'm so clever I've figured out how to get him to do what I want. So if I decide that something out in the garden or over the fence needs a 'speaking-to' I do a little bark & then Reub's is right there to back me up & really gives them a talking to. Ain't no-body gonna mess with me now !!!

Anyhoo talk to you later - woof woof !!!


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Boo said...

hey bella,

can i see a bigger picture of billy bob? he is a shih tzu rite??

wet wet licks