Thursday, March 8, 2007

My buddy Reuben

Been meaning to tell more about Reubs.

He's fast becoming my best mate.
When I do the rounds of the garden & find something I'm not sure about & give a little bark, Reubs is right there backing me up. He makes the outsiders be they birds, possums, cats or neighbours, pay good attention with his deep woof.

Check him out in the back door way not much can get past him

We really enjoy taking on the patrol duties together - not like Kuki & Billy Bob who seem pretty happy to leave it up to us unless we put out the emergency call as opposed to the warning woof.

Here's some other pic's of Reubs - he thought he try & curl up on the sofa chair like us little one do, but as you can see that wasn't quite so comfortable for him !!

Also mum has said that the sofa is ok for little ones but not for the big boy & Reubs being the good nature hound that he is, now prefers stretch out on his own special bed & the fluffy rugs on the floor.

Just to get some idea of his size Reuby-Roo is about 74cm at the shoulder & weights about 55kg.

He has pretty big paws - have a look at the size of his paws by mummy's feet.

And mummy is not small either - she's about 170cm -tall, not wide !

It's good that Reubear is my good mate coz his head is about the same size as me & I only weigh about 3.5kg !!
Yippee woofies,
Bella Buttons


Bogart said...

Aw... you two are very cute together!!!


Katherine and Pippa said...

Reuben mate
They made sofas for big dogs because we can't get in the chairs like the little ones.
Get your household in order.
Cheers, Pipps

Kyre. said...

You know I love dogs on furniture, so that picture of Ruben curled up on that green chair made me bust out laughing!

What a cutie he is!

Ky and Ko.