Monday, April 30, 2007

Kobe update - the good, the bad & the ugly

Hi Doggie Darlings,
Here's the update on the Kobe-ster, Kobe-Dobe, Kobo,
The Good
He's getting on great with the girls
Kuki has claimed him as a snuggle-buddy
I'm happy enough to share that same couch with him, but not quite upto snuggling yet.
The Bad
Well still being a puppy he does have 'bursts' of energy that have turned to destruction.
Hee hee I may have found a patsy for my atacks on the stuffy toys ;-) B.

The Ugly
What's this ??? Was that once a box of Tissues??
OMDog what happened to the tissue box!!!
I'm innocent !!!
Ok Ok I admitt it ! I did it - I'm sorry

The Good
All over & on snooze mode again
He's a sweety & we love him

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hippo Toy Story

A new toy entered the picture.

His name was hippo & though he is as big as me I feared not.

He was soft & squeeky - just how I like them

I found his weekness & then I just couldn't stop myself.
I pulled all the stuffing out of his head !!!
Whew I was so tired after that I had to have a rest & admire my good work.


Sunday, April 15, 2007


There's this new guy Kobe - a youngin (about 11 months) that we first met when we were out walking.
But mummy had arranged that unbeknownst to us, beforehand to see whether we might get along!
He needs a new home coz his hooman parents have split & neither wants him (how could that be possible)

So before you know it our 'bleeding heart' mama agreed to take him in for a week for a trial to see if we could all get along & meet his puppy energy needs.

Kobe is an 11 month old great dane x greyhound he's friendly, goofy & still learning how big he is - a typical puppy - but he does lie down to play with us little ones which is very nice & seems really responsive to training & learning good manners.

But that's all the behaviour mumbo jumba - from my point of view he's all right (I remain reserved) but he has a fun attitude & likes to play & looks quite pretty (hmm should I say handsome) & is very gentle almost wary around us little ones.
Might be okay - I'll have to see if I can get him to bark at the possums for me coz so far he hasn't really barked at all?
Can you spot us all here snoozing after a long walk?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kuki's 4th Birthday !!

Kuki turned four today and she has spent two and a half of those with us !!!

A big Happybark day to Kuki & many more ahead.

Mummy has given Kuki a yummy special dinner (ok we got a bit too) and lots & lots of snuggles.
Here are some of our favorite pictures of her and despite how it may seem she does sometimes get up out of her favourite chair.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter at the Grandparents

We went to grandma & grandpa's for Easter Sunday - had a yummy meal & time - But no choccie for the doggies. Billy Bob doesn't seem very happy about that does he?

We got to play with our new cousin Elly May a female Chi cross 1-2 years old and with our old cousin Marty a 14 year old kelpie cross.
I'm calling them our cousins - but maybe they are our Aunite & Uncle coz they are our mummy's parents fur babies? What do you think?
We all get along nicely, but I managed to sneak out and have a good chew on Elly May's bone - I don't think she was too i mpressed with that - so she then went off to hide/bury it.
Meanwhile Kuki tried to curl up in EllyMay's little bed & pretend she was one of the toys!!!

Hope all of you who have holiday (more hooman) time at this time of year really enjoyed it.

Mummy has been sick with a nasty cold, so we've only had the one outing.

But it's ok coz we've had fun stealing tissues to shred them (one of my favorites) and lots of snuggle time when she's been resting।
Wuffs to all
Bella Buttons

Friday, April 6, 2007

My day at the Office !!

I went to help mummy & her collegues out at the office yesterday. The day before Easter holidays is a bit more relaxed & finishes early so I got to go to work - woo hoo.

Mummy we like to take us all one at a time but i'm the only one small enough to smuggle in past the building security in my special doggie tote & I stay really really quite.

Here I am helping mummy answer all those e-mails.

Then we went to visit Julie who loves me & was so pleased to see me we played for a bit before I helped her.

Auntie Debbie who sits next to mummy & couldn't bring her little girl in let me help her answer all those phone calls।

Next was Danny who's partner wants a doggie, but Danny isn't so sure. I won him over with my charm & so now he thinks maybe a doggie wouldn't be so bad after all।

Finally Damian was so busy that I helped him out by taking all his calls.

Back to mummy's desk to wrap things up for the holidays & then home.

Whew it was such a busy day - I had lots to tell Kuki & Billy Bob when I got home, then I found a comfy spot to rest I was soooo tired

Paw Power

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It started so good, but ended the worst

It's a really upsetting post this time we're so sad & upset.

It's been an awful few days.

Reuben is no longer with us.

We are all traumatized and hurting inside & out.

This is how it started really great - a beautiful sunny Autumn Sunday - perfect for a walk by the river.

We were having a great time we went to an isolated spot where we could go of leash for a bit & have a swim & play by the rivers edge.

Such a peaceful setting & outing - we were all loving it.

It then turned into a nightmare shortly after these pictures were taken.

Without any provocation from this little JackRussel type dog a switch went off in Reubens head & he went into 'kill mode'.

He lunged at & got the poor dog by the neck/shoulders & would not release।

Mummy & the other dogs owner fought with him to get the little dog free, hitting, earpulling, eye-gouging anything they could think of & in all the struggles mummy put her hand in Reubs mouth to dig her nails into the roof of his mouth to try to make him release - but even that didn't work - mummy just ended up hurting her hand.

Finally some other people came to the rescue & were able to get the little dog free & restrain Reuben who had slipped his collar.

We were all so traumatised & shaken up it took a while before mummy could get to her feet again.

She went with one of the helping people to find the lady & her little dog to find out how it was & give her our contact number, but the lady had already left, probably to get to a vet asap, which is what mummy said she would do too if it happened to one of us.

Us little ones were frightened, but otherwise unhurt as we stayed well out of the way.
Some kind people helped mummy round us up to get back to the car. We have called all the major animal emergency centres trying to find out about the dog but to no avail, we pray that it survived, but it was really badly hurt. Mummy keeps thinking poor lady & wishes she could get in touch some how, she keeps thinking how distraught she would be if something like that ever happened to us little ones.
Reuben was a 5-6yo Mastiff cross rescue dog who had been with us since mid November 2006.

He got along fine with us little ones right from the start & we never had any problem with him.

He was alays very respectful of mummy, he would sit & wait to be give the ok to eat his diner, mummy could take his bones off him with no problem, if he was in her way she would ask him to move & he would jump up & move out of the way immediately.

But when out walking he really didn't like any other dogs at & would lunge at them।
So mummy took him to lots of training & even took him to a one week in-house special training kennel to get his dog agression under control and that seemed to have been working.
But sadly, with his unknow history, age, size, strength, extreme level of dog agression, his guarding instincts, his misinterpretation of threat & appropriate response, the split second shift into red zone (attack mode), all result in Reubs being highly unreliable and deemed to be a dangerous dog and unsafe.

It was with a very heavy heart and following many discussions with the rescue organisation, the trainers & vet, that mummy had to take Reuben to the vet to be euthanized. She has cried & cried that any of this could have happened because she is about helping and saving animals not putting them in danger nor ending their lives.
We really miss Reubs and will always remember him fondly for the wonderful loving huggy bear of a dog tht he was with us at home.

Rest peacefully now our darling Loving memories Bella, Billy Bob, Kuki & our mum.