Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It started so good, but ended the worst

It's a really upsetting post this time we're so sad & upset.

It's been an awful few days.

Reuben is no longer with us.

We are all traumatized and hurting inside & out.

This is how it started really great - a beautiful sunny Autumn Sunday - perfect for a walk by the river.

We were having a great time we went to an isolated spot where we could go of leash for a bit & have a swim & play by the rivers edge.

Such a peaceful setting & outing - we were all loving it.

It then turned into a nightmare shortly after these pictures were taken.

Without any provocation from this little JackRussel type dog a switch went off in Reubens head & he went into 'kill mode'.

He lunged at & got the poor dog by the neck/shoulders & would not release।

Mummy & the other dogs owner fought with him to get the little dog free, hitting, earpulling, eye-gouging anything they could think of & in all the struggles mummy put her hand in Reubs mouth to dig her nails into the roof of his mouth to try to make him release - but even that didn't work - mummy just ended up hurting her hand.

Finally some other people came to the rescue & were able to get the little dog free & restrain Reuben who had slipped his collar.

We were all so traumatised & shaken up it took a while before mummy could get to her feet again.

She went with one of the helping people to find the lady & her little dog to find out how it was & give her our contact number, but the lady had already left, probably to get to a vet asap, which is what mummy said she would do too if it happened to one of us.

Us little ones were frightened, but otherwise unhurt as we stayed well out of the way.
Some kind people helped mummy round us up to get back to the car. We have called all the major animal emergency centres trying to find out about the dog but to no avail, we pray that it survived, but it was really badly hurt. Mummy keeps thinking poor lady & wishes she could get in touch some how, she keeps thinking how distraught she would be if something like that ever happened to us little ones.
Reuben was a 5-6yo Mastiff cross rescue dog who had been with us since mid November 2006.

He got along fine with us little ones right from the start & we never had any problem with him.

He was alays very respectful of mummy, he would sit & wait to be give the ok to eat his diner, mummy could take his bones off him with no problem, if he was in her way she would ask him to move & he would jump up & move out of the way immediately.

But when out walking he really didn't like any other dogs at & would lunge at them।
So mummy took him to lots of training & even took him to a one week in-house special training kennel to get his dog agression under control and that seemed to have been working.
But sadly, with his unknow history, age, size, strength, extreme level of dog agression, his guarding instincts, his misinterpretation of threat & appropriate response, the split second shift into red zone (attack mode), all result in Reubs being highly unreliable and deemed to be a dangerous dog and unsafe.

It was with a very heavy heart and following many discussions with the rescue organisation, the trainers & vet, that mummy had to take Reuben to the vet to be euthanized. She has cried & cried that any of this could have happened because she is about helping and saving animals not putting them in danger nor ending their lives.
We really miss Reubs and will always remember him fondly for the wonderful loving huggy bear of a dog tht he was with us at home.

Rest peacefully now our darling Loving memories Bella, Billy Bob, Kuki & our mum.


Simba said...

I'm so sorry that a lovely walk ended so horribly. Your poor Mummy, she must be so upset. I hope the little doggie is ok. Your Mummy did the right thing about Ruben, but I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier right now.Lots of hugs and nose licks.

Simba xxx

Bella said...

Thanks Simba. Mummy is really upset, but is comforted by your thoughts

chiyo said...

dear bella and billy bob and kuki, i am so so sorry to hear about this. what a terrible thing to have happened. i know your mummy is hurting terribly now but she has done her best for reuben. it's a good thing he ended up with your mommy, because with some other people he would have been put down alot sooner. i am sure he will be happier over the rainbow bridge, where he can shed his aggression and play with other doggies without hurting them. i know you will miss snuggling with him, but be strong and snuggle with your mommy, she needs you now.


ChaCha & Yuki said...

May Reuben rest in peace....i hope all of you are coping well. Tell ur mummy that Reuben will be happy in the land of rainbow.


Boo said...

bella dear,

that's such a sad story to read about. it should be fun but ended with sadness. i hope the little fella is alright. don't worry about reuben, i'm sure he's fine up there with other doggies.

wet wet licks


Snowy & Crystal said...

:( that was a very sad story to hear :( it put us in tears although we dont know Ruben very well, but from what we read about him, he sure did love you alot and your mommy sure did try the best she could to help him in being less aggressave with other doggies. we are sure than you guys miss him alot now, but remember that he is in a better place *hugs*
and what happened was awful. we do hope that the little doggie is ok now

Snowy & Crystal

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

This is a very sad story. Couldn't Reuben have been placed in another house and kept on a leash? It's terrible about the poor Jack Russell and all of your trauma. xxx Asta

Balboa said...

My deepest symapathies to everyone. Our hearts are aching for you. You will be in our thoughts tonight.

Extra hugs and kisses,

Kyre. said...

Oh honey,

That is so terrible. You've done the right thing as hard as it was. May you find some peace in the coming days.

Ky and Ko.

3dogcache said...

Oh, what a sad story. My heart aches for you all. I'll miss the Rubes.


PiratesGrrl said...

May Reuben find peace over the bridge. We're so sorry for your loss.

The Brat Pack

Bella said...

Thank you all very much for you comforting words & thoughtful wishes. We miss Reuben, but will focus our thoughts on remembering him as he was at his best at home relaxed & happy & believe that is how he will be over the rainbow bridge.
We wish you all a happy, healthy & safe Easter holiday break.

Love & Paw Power
Bella & pals

hana said...

Oh dear. This is the first time visiting your bloggy. I am so sorry to hear about the incident and that Reuben had to be put to sleep. You and your family did all you could to give Reuben a good life. Know that you have done your very best to help.

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Bella and Billy Bob and Kuki and your mum.
We are so sorry about your news and send you all our love.
Mistress came to look at your blog today to ask Bella if me and Reuben could still be friends (even though he thought I was a girl dog) and then she read the story and ran away crying.
We will remember him with lots of affection - he brought smiles and laughs into our house, even if it was over the internet - and you will all remember the good times too.
With much love and sympathy, Pippa, Kate and Adrian.

charlotte's blog said...

hi bella my name is charlotte when i read this it made tears come to my eyes once my brother charie the malteese cross was attacked by a big mean dog it was very sad but he was ok im sure the other doggie would be to sorry to hear about Reuben i know it must be very sad

barks out-charlotte