Sunday, May 27, 2007

Seven Pawsome Facts

Hi Everydog,

I was tagged by Chillie the Dog to post 7 pawsome facts about me.

1. I love eating Possum Poo

2. My tounge is longer than it looks & I often catch people by surprise on their face

3. I love chasing toys & balls

4. I love digging holes

5. I don't mind being carried around in a bag so long as I'm with mummy & get to go new places.

6. I life my leg forward & to the side when I pee

7. Sometimes when I'm walking I'll just stop & lay down - then after some coaxing just happily walk on as if nothing ever happened.

The 7 dogs I choose to tag are Opy, Balboa, Cashew, Yuki, Precious, KuBrin and Charlotte - apols to any who have been taged already.



**Dogs that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Silliest Photo & Most Embarassing Moment -Tag

Hi Pups,

I was tagged by Goofy to show my silliest photo.
Here it is - I feel very silly dressed up as a Bumble Bee, what are those yellow things on my head???? Perhaps It's not me who is silly but mama !!!
But I do look really silly when only my legs are wet - mama think it looks like I have 'chicken legs"
Then I was tagged by Yuki to show my most embarrasing moment photo.
No princess looks good eating a bully stick !!! How embarrasing!!

Oh and I'm so embarrased to have been caught letting Kuki use me as a pillow !!!

BUT enough of my silliness & embarrasement - look how sill Billy is like all the time. HAHHAHAHAHAAAI saved the best for last - check out this Doofus face !!!! hehheheeeeehheeee

So now I tag Puiq, Snowy & Crystal and Pippa, to show a silly or embarrasing photo.



Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome Puiq to the world of dog blogging

Hi Pups,
My little friend Puiq has just started her own dog blog - so drop on bye to say hello & make her feel welcome

Here's the link


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Million Paws Walk

Hi everydoggie,

We went to the Million Paws Walk this last Sunday & it was fantastic. It's the premier event on the dogggy social calendar.

It's an annual event to raise money for the RSPCA & it held in many locations around Australia. We went to our local event in Melbourne & walked the 5km's around Albert park Lake. More than 16,000 people walked at 13 locations across Victoria this year.

Uncle Stephen came along to help mummy handle the four of us which is quite a challenge in a crowd. Stephen's wife Catherine (who is in the USA at the moment) would like a doggy, but he's not so sure, so we were on our bestest behaviour working the doggy charm.

Catherine - we think we may have made some progress !!

Stephen you are a nutural with the dogs !!

We meet heaps of other doggies and they were all so nice well behaved - no fights at all.

Kobe, who we are now re-naming to Scooby, met a few other great danes & seemed to enjoy being able to meet them at face level.
I of course was very popular & was in high demand for pats & cuddles.
Kuki had her PJ's on as it cooled down after we walked & lots of folks thought she looked very warm & snuggly.
Billy Bob continued to amuse people with his antics & the funny faces he pulls.

Someone even came with their pet pig !!

And we saw a Kelpie (Australian Sheep Herding dog) puppy who had already learnt to herd ducks - very clever.

The next couple of pics are for our friend Danny who might like to get an English Bulldog to join his family - you don't see them so often in Melbourne & for comparison a picture of a staffy.

Chiyo - we haven't forgotten about the 'Tag' & belly shots - I have been very tricksy with mummy & everytime she tries to sneak up on me with the camera I roll over - hee hee hee!!! This is the closest she has gotten so far.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Looking for ideas

Hi friends,
I'm looking for some ideas to help with Kobe, who is a really keen chewer. The list of 'out of bounds' items that he has chewed & destroyed is growing.
Check out the foam explosion in the back garden.
Sweet Kobe is a fun & friendly young guy - now about 1 year old - so still a pup & thus prone to chewing & other puppy 'outbursts'.
Kobe goes for a regular morning 30-40min walks, has lots of toys, treat balls & bones twice a week and 3 doggy pals to keep him happy, but still the destruction continues.
So I'm really keen to hear your thoughts & ideas on how to help Kobe & me through this period of his life & perhaps curb the chewing destruction. What could be separation anxiety, excess energy, boredom etc.

Here's the list of his major 'conquests' to date:
- Table lamp cord
- Lap top power cord & adaptor
- Several dog beds
- a camera
- shoes
- sofa cushions & seats
- lots of stuffy & rope toys

Any ideas welcome & thanks so much

- actaully the plee for help is from Bella's mum

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Could Billy Bob be the next Cassanova???

Move over Boo Cassanova Billy Bob is turning on the charm !!

Feeling good after a session at the spa (groomers) Billy Bob

Hellooo ladies I'm looking pretty irresistable aren't I !!!

Billy Bob