Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hi Honey

Hi Pups & GG,

This is Honey, who used to be called Zuza, but mama had trouble remembering and pronouncing that, so Honey it is.
Honey is a 1 yo female Whippet, who needed to be rehomed as she had been living with some daschunds with delicate backs and that didn't work out.So we are really pleased to have her join our pack. Honey has been settling in really well and loves snuggling on the sofa. Honey is still learning the doggy-door but we are getting there.
My exciting news is that I have been on an adventure thanks to Gaucho - go check it out.

Boo C will be judging the Boo-llywood Princess contest & winner to be announced soon. See post below for entries.

Charlie whilst being a generally sweet natured dog and quite a fun, goofy character, has been re-homed to a more suitable home. He accepted other dogs being around but didn't really interact with them, prefering just his humans. It still surprises me that although a pack animal, there are some dogs that prefer it without other dogs.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Boo-llywod Princess Contest

Hi everydog & GG,
The Boo-llywood Princess contest closes this coming Friday 27th July, so get your entries in.
Check some of the really creative entries so from
Simba, Ume Tyan , Scrappy, Rossi, Precious, the amazing Guacho, BooBoo & Bond

And this is our entry



Monday, July 16, 2007

More Smiles

Hi Pups & GG,
Here are some fun smiley shots of the rest of the 'hounds on the hill' (our place)
1. Kuki

2. Billy Bob the Romeo always smiling to charm the ladies.

3. Charlie - the new guy - a special post on him soon


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Smiling Tag

First of all, would someone teach mama how to do my top knot properly, it's always crooked !!
Now for the Smiles Tag - hmm I don't show teethies so much. So look what she was doing to me !!!

Then thank Dog she thought to look back over some older piccies and look what she found, so thankfully the torture stopped.

Next post will show Billy Bob smiling - which is so easy coz he's always grining like an idiot - hee hee ;-)
And now I tag Amber the Chi to show us her Teethie smiles


Friday, July 13, 2007

New Contest - Boo the Boollywood Princess

Hi Everydog & Hamsterrier.

Secret Investigator Bella here again.
Late breaking news.

There's a new contest in town now that Simba is back.

The challenge is to create a picture of Boo as the most bootiful Bollywood princess you can imagine.

Think of the fabulous settings, photoshop not required - you wanna draw, paint, collage, mixed media, then photograph or scan to post on you blog no problem.

Contest open to all & will run to the end of July.

The judge will be non-other than the Boollywood Cassanova Princess.

Here's some pictures to get the ideas flowing.
Proudly sponsored by Simba


Monday, July 9, 2007

Bootiful Simba Contest

Which is the most Bootiful Simba?

1. Diamonds are a girls best friend

2. Gentlemen prefer Blondes



Sunday, July 8, 2007

Top Secret Update - Is there more to the mission than meets the eye ?

Hi Everydog and GirlGirl,
Secret Investigator Bella here again.

Late breaking news.

There may be more to what Simba & Boo Cassanova are up to than originally thought.
Are they out there risking their lives for the sake of all us dogs & hamsterriers?

What do you think is going on?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Top Secret - Boo & Simba on a mission ??

Hi Everydog and GirlGirl,

Secret Investigator Bella here.

Late breaking news suggests that Boo & Simba may be on a top Secret Mission.

The following picture just came over the secure wires.
What do you think?

What could they be upto?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Puparazi - Simba & Boo caught on secret trist

Hi Pups & GG,

Intrepid reporter Bella here.
Whilst surfing the gossip web sites I came upon the following exclusive that has just been leaked to the press. Simba & Boo disguised as girls have been having a secret holiday in the sun !!

We are stunned ! What does this mean?

Has BooC been sneaking around behind his girlfriends backs?

What does Chiyo have to say?



Billy Bob says - I knew they were sissys.
I am the Romeo of the DWB world - watch how manly I am telling my toys who's boss.

You wanna take me on now Boo??
Wahahahaaaaa - I think not little puppy !!
The new, the original Billy-Bob Romeo - who needs the cassanova title when you are The Romeo!!


Billy-Bob Romeo

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Back from the groomers

Hi everydog & GG,

Thanks for all you kind and thoughtful words on Scooby. We miss him but know that we have done the right thing in getting him back to his home.

Billy Bob & I went to the groomers and I am growing a Top Knot !!! Yay I'm so happy coz I'll look so pretty & be able to wear different coloured bows.

I might not look so happy , but that is because mama sat me up on the table & I was wondering why??

Billy Bob got bows in his hair again & was not impressed - he said "awe mum the other guys will tease me". Mama said "But you look so cuuute!!"
It so not kewl said Billy Bob & poked his tongue out!!

Billy Bob then went into crazy dog mode & rolled around rubbing his head on the cushions to get the bows out!
Heehee hee Billy Bob can be so funny.