Sunday, August 19, 2007

The morning after Simba's Pawty

Hi Pups & GG,

I had a great fun time at Simba's Bond 007 Housewarming Pawty.
I danced the whole evening long.
But look where I found my dishevelled self the next morning - in the slammer !!!
Thankfully mum was there before too long and got me out.
I spent the rest of the day sleeping it off. Maybe I had one too many of those Pawtini's.
Does my bed look too big?



ToFFee said...

that's a biggest bed!

my bed is soooo small i can only fit myself in it.. then i just use my bed as toy holders..

did you have lotsa fun? I guess it is the pawtini!


Boo said...

bella, am i glad i didn't bring you home after the pawty! LOL just kidding.

i was in bad shape myself. slept for 2 whole days!

wet wet licks


Amber-Mae said...

Gosh, you look like you're having a hang-over...Hahaha! Yeah I think that bed's a bit tooo huge for ya don't cha think?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Balboa & Mommy said...

Whoa, you must have had an awfully good time if you woke up in jail. Hope those pictures don't get out!

Frenchie Snorts

Eddie N Peaches said...

Poor Bella. Those pawtinis must have been strong! Whew. I hope you had a designated driver.

Nice bed.

Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Sparky said...

You look very tired! And that is a big bed, but I say the bigger the better! Rest well.


Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Bella!

WoW!! That's a super super big bed! You must be enjoying yourself rolling about on that bed :)

I hope you've recovered from your hangover.

Wet licks

Amber said...

Hey Bella, you seriously had too much pawtinis. Did you have a bad headache too? Hope you had a good rest. Your bed is BIG, but looks really comfy.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bella.
Looks to me that you had a hangover! Glad you had fun at the party!
I think your bed has the perfect size!!
Have a nice day

Gaucho and Verdi said...

you`ve completed in the jail? many martinis... very hangover. you leave an aspirin for headache...??
a big hug mia bella bellicima

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That is such a HUGE bed!You look cute with your 'bed hair'.

Boy n Baby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you look really tired, you must have pawty hard. Hee. Have a good rest Bella.

~ Girl girl

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Bella, same here. Im soooooooo tired after the pawty and Im glad you reach home safely. Are you sure thats your bed?

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

Glad to have met you at the party--I promise I will NOT let those embarrassing photos out!! Going to jail was punishment enough!!


ROSSI said...

oh Bella.. u shouldn't drink too much .. u will spoil ur beautiful look.. take care ok.. darling..

Oh yes.. i love your bed.. can v share?

Golden Rossi

Pacco de Mongrel said...

ur bed looks gigantic...can fit a few st. bernard...

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Bella..
Your bed is not big.. it is HUGE!! Hmm.. perhaps we can have a Pyjamas Pawty next??

PreciOus said...

Hi Bella! We were all so tired after the pawty. It was pawtastic!


Simba said...

Oh no what did you do on the way home, drink driving? Speeding? Glad your Mummy freed you.

Simba xx

umekotyan said...

The party is wonderful.
I also participate. :)

from loved ume tyan

Snowball said...

Hope that you have a good rest and recover from the effect the Pawtini had on you.


Asta said...

That's a hooge bed! I had a gweat time too..and we should owganise a dinner pawty sometime soon...I can't talk fow a few days,cause they're taking my pooter away..I'll miss you
smoochie kisses
pee ess.I hope you don't wind up in the slammer again..where you dwinking and dwiving?

chiyo said...

did you figure out what got you into jail, bella?

you were definitely the Belle of the ball that night :)


River said...

That bed is pawsome - there's nothing like stretching out!! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Simba's pawty - sounds like it was loads of fun.


Goofy said...

That bed is tooooooooooooooooooooo big for u,a cute little one, bella..
and yes, I'm tired too, after the pawty!!!

Tofu Burger said...

Oh My Dog... you wild and crazieee Bella! How'd you end up in the slammer? Were you caught *gasp* drunk barking?


Kerrio said...

Looks suspiciously like too much pawtying.....!