Friday, February 8, 2008

Speedy Bella

Hi Puppies & Hammies,

There were a heap of fun responses to what Honey & Leo were laughing at.

I couldn't decide between BooBoo's & Lorenza's - so they both have won a prize ;-)

From BooBoo

Leo : Hey buddy, I feel like farting.

Honey : Me too, lets fart together.

(Leo & Honey both farted some laughing gas at the same time)

Leo & Honey : hahahahahahahahaha

---> this is so true because every time honey stretches she farts - hahahaha

From Lorenza

Have you seen Bella's hairdo this morning??

---> this is so true because my mummy can't do my hair properly :-)

We went to the park and I practised my running.

I think I run as fast as a whippet now - what do you think?



Katherine and Pippa, said...

If that had been me I would have been running in the other direction. hehe.

Yes you run very fast Bella. We could hardly see you on the video you were soooo fast.


Amber-Mae said...

Woah, you're a speedster! Small doggies like you are known for their speed becoz you're low down to the ground & lighter than us big doggies.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Asta said...

You wun like the wind..awe you suwe you'we not a whippet???
That laughing pictoowe was hilawious
have a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bella!
I won! I won! Boo Boo guessing is hilarious! It was fun to play this game!
You are so fast! I'd love to run like you, but I never go out off leash!
Kisses and hugs

Boo said...

bella, i think both deserve to be winners! they farted huh? hehehehe

wet wet licks


Thor said...

Wow, you run very fast!
Have a great weekend, Bella!


Girasol said...

Hi paws to the winners!
wow! You are a fast runner.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I think you're as fast as a rocket

~ Girl girl

Pacco de Mongrel said...

congratulations to lorenza n booboo...

u seemed to be travelling at the speed of light...

Ashley said...

Wow! That was super fast!

Max is so excited for you to be his Valentine :)