Monday, March 31, 2008

Snoozing, Big Puppy & that cooking

Hi my lovely friends,
Gaucho has a competition for best sleeping pictures.
Here is my latest favorite spot.
I don't like being disturbed, so mum would you get that camera out of my face !!!
That big puppy Leo sure has grown - here he is at 7 months. He can't even fit on the big bed any more.
Hee hee there were lots of fun suggestions about what mum was cooking in the sink. I liked witches brew the best coz sometimes she can turn into a real witch - hee hee hee. Lucky she doesn't read my blog otherwise I might not get any dinner tonight :-)
A special big thank you to the beautiful and kind Snowball for sendng on the gifts to Baby & Huskee for their wedding! It couldn't have been such a fun surprise without you.

Happy week after Easter to everyone.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Such Cooking !!!

Help Pups & Hamsterriers,

Mum's cooking has never been good - but would you look at this !!

Whatever she is cooking I hope she doesn't put it in my bowl!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm all Ready for Baby & Huskee's wedding tomorrow

I'm all ready for Baby & Huskee's wedding & have decided to go as Snow White - well you guessed it - because I've got white fur !!
Who or what are you going as??

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Belated Happy Barkday to me

Hey there Huskee tahnks so much for the Bling Bling
Look at the close-up - pearls & rubies
Ooohhhh - I hope this doesn't make trouble with Baby. Huskee & I are just friends - or are we???
So much time has passed, but I haven't forgotten Baby's Huskee Munchkins beautiful barkday gift.
A very special bling bling with rubies and pearls - it matches so perfectly with my red collar.
BUT I will keep it for special occassions - maybe Huskee & Baby's wedding.
Thanks so much Huskee - so thoughtful.

Dogs & Hamsterberians have asked whether the 1st of jan was my real barkday. The answer is no. Mum just picked that coz it was easy to remember, but I don't like my Barkday being lost amongst all the Xmas & NY celebrations.
So furry friends help me choose a new better Barkday - tell me what you think.